Summer Dokutatsuya
Full Name Summer Dokutatsuya
Age 17
Gender Female
Species Half-Human, Half-Demon
Nationality Japanese American
Sexuality Heterosexual
Family Lou Dokutatsuya (father), Xavier Dokutatsuya (brother), Jia Dokutatsuya (sister), Hane (sister), Toria Yamazaki (sister-in-law), Leon Dokutatsuya (nephew), Christina Dokutatsuya (niece), Lena Dokutatsuya (niece)
Physical Appearance
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Brown
 Summer Dokutatsuya (毒達矢サマー) was chosen by her father to possess his demon powers. Even though her siblings all have the same father (except for Hane), they do not have any demonic powers. Summer has controlled her powers and replaced them with good powers. Summer is dating Koi Uyoku.

Early LifeEdit

More information to come.

Teenage Years and Current LifeEdit

More information to come.


More information to come.

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